June 2, 2011


The melody of life

At times I feel to be so happy
that it looks like
I want to shout
from the space of my tee glass;
”This is the song of life
that I recite”

I don’t have any instrument
I can’t read the notes
but I recite the melody of life
in myself
in my feeling

How can I do it
with out instrument?

No; I do not play
This is the music;
which plays in me
and so that
its me
who play the melody

and my melody,
is a soft one
such that I feel
it’s elegancy
like the contact
of my daughter’s hand
when she touch my arms

And this is the present melody of my life


Mahyar Faravardeh




Minne om en Kveld

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The melody of life

The evening of a memorial


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