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Development of the Information Technology and the new media/communication
has leaded us to a new era.
I have taken part in the development and you will become familiar with a part of my experiences in this presentation, both with my profession as well as my other occumaption.

Later in my live in 2005 I've gotten a big interest to write roman after I had dramatized text for theatre pieces some years. Please roll over the menu on the left side and feel you free to turn the pages. You can read more about me by selecting About me in menu.


The number of people on the planet Earth is now...

The world is changing

Not only because of people’s wakeup in middle east and North Africa, but also because of
the new economy powers; which are growing in China, India, South Africa and Latina American.

And not only the emergence of extremist groups, but also stabilization of extremism States like
Shia regime in Iran and Daesh with their extreme Sunni interpretation of Islam in Syria and Iraq.


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February 5, 2016

Sexual harassment by Press TV manager

Hamid Ebadi one of the head of Press TV abused Shina Shirani, the famous female presenter of Press TV (overseas network IRIB Islamic Republic - Iran). Hamid Ebadi demands her sex on the phone. Shirani released a audio file after she left Iran.

Rooz Online network has published the audio file on their face book. This file is in Persian, but it comes some short English conversation in between. Hear the English addition.

This is only one example of sexual abuses by them who sitting on the head positions in the Shia regime I Iran.

February 2, 2016

How could the police identify this woman at the airport?



January 14, 2016

Shiite regime in Iran did proper mockery of superpower!

Two twelve-meter long American boats got problem with the navigation system and entered Iranian territory waters three days ago. The regime arrested the ten crews and mocked superpower.

USA soldiers

In 2009 called freedom fighters under "The green movement": "Obama, Obama either with them or with us." Obama chose to flirt with mullahs under table and then negotiated he with them.

Whoever negotiates with state extremism, serve this insult.

USA soldiers


Last update: January 14, 2015

Come back after terror

September 16, 2014

«From 36 to 71 degrees North»

«From 36 to 71 degrees North» is translation of the title of my new book which came out in July. A story about searching, love and self-esteem.

This book is in fact my first roman that I wrote in 2006, but until now it was only available as electronic file on Internet, because it was easy for my audiences that living mostly in Iran and the rest around the word to download the electronic version. But now that Amazon Company has started a new service by printing book and selling around the world on demand, make it possible for authors to publish their work directly on Internet.

«From 36 to 71 degrees North»

Little about the story: Hamid, who has escaped from Iran after Islamic revolution in 1979, travels to Europe and then up to Scandinavia. He longs his country after over 20 years. Even he is Norwegian citizen and has Norwegian passport, but Iranian embassy doesn't give him visa, since he is originally from Iran. So he has to get first Iranian ID-card and then Iranian passport to get there. But he can't wait longer.

On the other side, Ana – Hamid's earlier girlfriend – has moved to Tehran finding her father whom she had never seen. Ana lived on the other side of the planet – Australia – and they mat each other on the Internet seven years ago. Ana has still a phone number they had changed in case they didn't hear from each other anymore.

Three weeks after Hamid's arrival in Tehran Calls a woman to that number. Hamid takes the phone from his sister.
- Yes, this is Hamid... did I give you my number in Hafte Tir square?... you definitely have taken a wrong number, because if I want to give phone number to any one, I won’t give the number of my mom’s home... did I gave you by myself? Seven years ago? ...wait a second... it seems that your voice is known to me, very known... yes? Ana? Is that you...?

After Ana and Hamid meet each other for the first time in a cafe shop, Ana takes Hamid to her girlfriend's home.

But when they get there, it happens something; which arranges direction for the rest of story. Hamid couldn't believe his own eyes; Roya, the woman whom Hamid was looking for, but didn't find her, standing in the front of him as Ana's friend.

June 7, 2014

Essence verses
a poem collectiono

Essence verses is the translation of the title for my new book in Persian. But I I have chosen "Jordiske vers" for norwegian translation. A poem collection, which came out in April in Persian, with translation of some pieces in English. It consist 80 long and short poems with a globally view on the topics. Some pieces are descriptive while others direct the forefinger to the religious and cultural superstition.

I’m working now to complete the translation of the whole Essence verses to Norwegian. (more)

Essence Verses

January 21, 2014

Showing music instrument after 37 years!

Thirty-seven years after the black Islamic revolution in Iran, the musical instruments have been showed for first time on regimes TV! Although a kind of music which is accept of mullahs was hearing in background, but the instruments themself were not allow showing on the regimes TV.

Avaye Parsiyan bandAvaye Parsiyan band

As a critical action to not showing music instrument on TV, the Palet music group in Iran has performed pantomime music without their instrument on the Educational Television Network, while the music was paying in the background.

Palet bandPalet band

The red Sapphire, published September 2011 The red Sapphire

The Third Generation, published Spring 2011The Third Generation

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