October 1, 2011

The Third Generation

Published in Persian, Spring 2011

The Third Generation is a story about the epic; which Iranians created during the presidential election on Jun 2009 and few months after it.

The Red Saphire

The roman begins with some main characters and ends with the same persons, but along the story, when the lives of characters tie with the contexture of events; which arising by cheating in election, they also become a part of the “Hero” of this roman: “People!”

A hero; who got birth during the election process and created a new movement that became known for the Green Movement all over the world.

A movement that has no command centre, but when it should be done some thing, all members know how they  do. When they should shout “down with dictator” and when they should call for “Iranian republic”!

The Third Generation will be translated to Norwegian and I hope the condition alowing that it comes out also in English.




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