October 1, 2011

The red Sapphire
a humanism drama

Published in Persian, Septembe, 2011

The Red Saphire

Drama of The red Sapphire and six novels:

1. Mrs. Roshanak
2. Meeting on airport
3. Rose at God’s house
4. My childhood back garbage
5. Who is responsible?
6. Davood’s cosines in Hijab

The story of the red Sapphire is about a young man who arguing with his girlfriend and the day after he goes alone to a cave to

dig cave’s wall and get out a worthy stone, which he had seen before when he was there with other people, but he didn’t want to share it with some one else.

A stone block over his dead, where he stands on the height, differs from the wall and falling. He jumps down from height to the ground, but his talus getting injured and the stone block falls on his left hand. He fighting against dead in three days and he even drinks his urine to be in life. Since no one comes in to the cave to rescue him, he decides to cut of his left hand and get out of the cave that could become his grave. 

Even he loses his left hand, but that episode makes deep stamps on his life. He gets stronger and starts to see the live from a winkle he would never seen, if he hasn’t been through what he experienced in the cave. It was written in summer 2007.

The stories of the novels have a social background and are close-ups from daily live. The author potting finger on social problems and has focus on superstition.




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