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August 24, 2009

A letter from a victim
The last news about RAPE in jail in Iran!

Mehdi Karroubi made public today; the first evidence about the rape’s scandal.
A letter from one of the young men who was raped in jail

“After I told Mr. Karroubi about my story, he was many days with me; he talked to me many hours. He worked like a psychologist with me and made me believe that I am just an incident in this matter.

It went many day before I got little better. At least after order from Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi on July 24 2009 I was sent to Mr. Mahammadi, a representative of Mr. Dari Najaf Abadi (state attorney). He lamented and asked me many question about which jail, where was it and they who have bitted and raped me. He got me a hug as I was began to cry and he told me be strong. He was upset that two friends of Mr. Karroubi know my story.

But on August 20 was very different. I was at Mr. Karroubi’s office, at two o’clock at the afternoon there came three men from Department of Justice and putted an investigation paper in front of me. I don’t know if I was Culprit or Plaintiff.

They asked me first from whom I want to complain. I said I’m not complaining, I just told Mr. Karroubi what happened to me, but they asked again from whom I want to complain. I Perforce to say; you tell me from whom I should complain, so I will choose. I think they understood what I meant and they didn’t say any thin.

They asked me writing down what happened to me and I did, so they started with their questions. Most questions about; how do you know Mr. Karroubi? Why and how I trusted him to tell my story? How I took contact with him? Why I breathe so fast?! Why I became agree with Mr. Karroubi to take film of me? What was the goal that Mr. Karroubi notified and told the case to Mr. Gerami Moqaddam and Mr. Davari? Who are Gerami Moqaddam and Mr. Davari? Which time I called to the Karroubi’s office? Who took the phone and then with whom did I talked to? What I told to that person? In which demonstrations I attended? And thousands of other “whys”; which had nothing with rape to do. After three hours I protested.

He (Judge Moqaddam) told me; we do not know if you talk the truth. What you argue is very heavy. You brought the whole regime under question. How we could be sure that they didn’t have enticed you?

When I said; it looks like that you have forgotten what the main problem is. So they started to ask me in the matter. Questions like; how long was the Entry and if that person got orgasm? These Questions made me sick

I think Mr. Mortazavi’s friends have planned to push the case to some thing that I have received money from Karroubi to tell those things. And at the same time destroy my character.

They asked me than to go with them to state doctor. I had a head deck and didn’t feel good, but they said I have to do that today.

On the way Judge Moqaddam tried to tell me that I should not get fool of political plays. I said it was cheating in election… why did you do so badly to people? What we had done?
He said; when the supreme leader says the election was correct, so it was correct! I said supreme leader is not GOD…”

At least the State doctor wrote two letters to two doctors; who visited the victim after the issue. Doctor told the victim that he must have their statement to write a report.

The agents didn’t give the letters to the Victim and said that they didn’t receive any letters from doctor.

Link to the article in original language:

Mehdi Karroubi made public today a statement from one of young man who was raped in jail.






October 3, 2009
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August 24
The last news about RAPE in jail in Iran!


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