Septembe 5, 2009

Some words with leaders of western countries!

In the unrest after president election in Iran and the crimes which regime committed against people, the European and US leaders reacted and judged the rudeness and the pressure from the regime.

But the supports were ended as the Iranian shouted on the streets: ”Independence, Freedom, and Iranian republic’’!

It looks like that the leaders from western countries are satisfied with mullahs in Iran.

The uncivilized Islamic regime has in the last 20 years, worked out series terror actions in Germany and France, and the governments of that time didn’t show interest to follow the case and get the leaders of those actions.

- September 1992; in the episode Myconos, the killers of terror regime murdered Sharafkandi, the Secretary-General of Kurdish democrat party and three other members in Germany.

– August 1992; Fereydoon Farrokhzad, an Iranian artist was murders with 40 knife wounds in Bonn, Germany.

- August 1991; the regime sent their killers to France and they murdered Shapoor Bakhtiyar, the last prime minister before revolution.

A Victim
A victive from the unrest after election in Iran

Even though these cases came up to the court, and there were preceded arrest order for the causes and even for the supreme leader Ali Khamenei self, but they never stand for the trial. Not only that, but no one talked more about the crimes which mullahs committed in France and Germany.

As we Iranian have understood, the European leaders support democracy as long as their gains are securing.

I ask the governments of Germany and France; why did you stop the process of those cases, while all evidence where there?

It looks like that; western leaders are Unable and helpless making a clever decision and an effective strategy against regime’s nuclear program. A regime that France had a roll for its existence, and Germany has answering for supporting regime’s security forces.

Every one remembers that Saddam Hussein sent Ruhollah Khomeini out of Iraq in 1978 - after 15 years that he leaved there in exile. And all remember that it was France who received him gladly and Khomeini leaded the revolution under an apple tree from a village near Paris, while other European leaders and USA were sitting there and watching with big eyes to the birth of an “Imam”.

In the unrest after election, we saw on the TV that the security forces in Iran were outfit with equipments from Germany and they knocked people with electric Nightsticks “made in Germany!”.

We have seen in news that the most danger place on the globe is Congo and Darfur; where the women are not saving. But even there, we haven’t seen or heard that they rape young men!

Are western leaders going to sit around the same table with the most terrorist and most crime regime and negotiate with them?

I have a message for the European leaders and US president by this.

If you try to get to an agreement with Ahmadinejad and forget what goes against human right in Iran, you should be attentive.

The new movement of Iranian nation goes forward and the people will tumble down the mullah’s from the power. So do not forget that in the future you have with new movement to do!

The article was sent to New York Times


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"If you try to get to an agreement with Ahmadinejad and forget what goes against human right in Iran, you should be attentive."

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