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November 30, 2009

This letter was send to 170 UN members

Honourable members of the United Nations

I send you respectfully this letter on behalf of my people in Iran.

As you may know; the human right is getting worse in Iran day by day. Almost every day some people disappear on street or at their work place and some others become arrested at their home middle in the night. Student, journalist, lawyer, professor, worker…

We have several experiences; in which detainee has been killed in jail but authorities reported that he is died because of heart attack or he has committed suicide in jail. The latest development in this matter is murder of Ramin Pourandarzjani (26) a medical practical.

He has been killed at his rest place in the police health building; where he was passing his military service. He was a witness of how the AGENTS were beating people to dad and killing the detainees at Kahrizak Jail. He had told about his observations to the special committee; which Majlis (Parliament) sat up for investigation, but Majlis has no power over what Khamenei wants. Police argue that he has taken suicide, but no one believes it.

This is a strategy of regime to make fear among young people. Especially now; that we are getting near the Student Day on December 8. Students and people prepare a new protest rally in Tehran and other cities for this day.

People demonstrate peacefully for their votes; which are stolen by dictator regime during the election June 12, but Khamenei’s hirelings beat people with night stick, cable and what ever they have in hand. They have killed more than hundred people after cheating in election. They have raped several ten persons both girls and boys in jail, while hundreds of political prisoners waiting in jails without any view for freedom.

Again hundreds of protesters were arrested under protest rally in Tehran and other cities like Shiraz and Isfahan November 4. Most of them are girls and women between 18 and 30 years. According to the experiences we have from rape in jails, people are very worried about the arrested women.

Only in the last weeks; regime has executed 80 persons with out announcing their names or what kind of crime they have been executed for!  

We are not talking here about one, two or three persons who have committed crime; the way regime tries to define. The whole regime is corrupt and Ali Khamenei the supreme leader has the main responsibility. The commanders stand in second row:  Mohammad Ali Jafari commander of Revolutionary Guard (Sepah Pasdaran), Hassan Firouzabadi the head of Bassij militia, and police Chief Ismaeel Ahmadi Moqaddam.

All courts of justice are under regime’s control and no one take any responsibility for people’s complaints and pains. We are talking about a systematic suppression against the majority of people in a country; which every day getting more dangerous. Arrest, violence, torture, rape and murder are the Pass Words!

Iran as a member has singed (Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities), and regime has to carry out the substance of it! No one is save in Iran’s today whether you are Shiites Muslim, Sunnite Muslim, Christian, Jew or Bahai!

This letter goes to almost all United Nation’s members, and I would like to ask you all deeply on behalf of my people; who get pain under this crime regime each day, to bring up our concern to the first General Assembly of the United Nation and taking any decision.

The Iranians are peaceful people and want to live with other nations in peace. What happening in Iran today is not an internal problem, but this is TERROR which Mullahs regime commits against own people and international community should not leave the Iranians alone in this crisis.

We stand against a system; which wants to use nuclear power to guaranty it’s exist ! This regime is not only dangerous for people in Iran, but also for the rest of the world. Ahmadinejad wants to expand the Shiite(ism) all over the world with help of nuclear weapon! Islamic regime that has not any popular base in the country, tries to create conflict in the region. The latest issue is that crime’s regime has intensified the conflict in Yemen and tries to transform the condition to a war, because this regime could be on power only through the conflict and war!

The people of Iran wish that United Nation take drastic action. They want Khamenei and others who are responsible for crime and killing of people in Iran standing trial. They wish to have an election under United Nation’s observation and I hope that I could manage to reach my people’s message to you.

Over 54000 Iranian have signed until now in a petition, a complain letter to Prosecutors of the International Court of Justice for Khamenei’s trial.

There are too many evidences abut crimes; which regime has committed and you probably have seen some of them on your TV. But I will attach few of those that you could prove them.

Some people who were raped in jail have now run away from Iran and they live now whether in Europe or in United State. I name two of them; whom United Nation has opportunity to invite them and hear their witness:

Ebrahil Sharifi
A victim from Kahrizak who tells his story on this clip:

Maryam Sabouri
She tells her story on this clip:                                                              

Killers in civil clothes wear gun on street and shout people :
Ali Haghtalab the son of Haghtalab one of the Revolutionary Guard commanders, who shouted people on the street in day light Wednesday November 4 at the last protest rally in Tehran.

Hassan Mir Kazemi: He is owner of three companies and he has a big debt to Agriculture Bank. Under this link you will see
A. His picture on the motor cycle with gun in hand under one of the demonstrations.
B. His picture at one of his companies.
C. His debt document (about 180 million dollars) that has been written and stamped from Agriculture Bank to the law court.

I am very grateful that you took your time and red this letter. I am looking forward to hear in news that United Nation concern about the conditions in Iran.













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