January 2, 2010

The Islamic regime in Iran is danger for the entire world!

We entered the year 2010 while thousands of Iranian; boys and girls, women and men passing time in the jails of anti human regime in cruel conditions, and hundreds of families are sitting in mourning of their dears.

The dictator Islamic regime is not only danger for the Iranians, but also for the rest of the world! It looks right like that; the brutal regime of Mullahs and militaries has taken a nation as a hostage and uses Iran as a base for their quarrelsomeness.

It’s no doubt that the regime wants getting access to nuclear weapon and uses it to establish its power in the region and to revolt in other countries. They wish to take over the Middle East and exporting their brutally system to the other part of the globe.

The anti human regime showed in the last six months that they are not going to negotiate about its nuclear program and stop its uranium enrichment. So the clever solution for the civilization’s world is just to support the Iranian opposition in order to not taking any military risk in the region.

The civilization’s world should not leave the Iranian opposition alone in this crisis. If the militaries in Iran manage to repression the opposition totally; the dangerous will go to the other point in the region. The near goals for the crime regime are to establish their footmark in Yemen, Lebanon and Palestine.

Even though the people of Arabic countries have understood the intrigue of the Islamic regime, but the crime Mullahs regime might get access to what they want with the money of people of Iran.

Even if the regime of ignorance and malfeasance moving its strengths from Karaj to Tehran in order to fortify its power, but the clashes on 31 December on Tehran streets showed that the green movement is still fighting out to catch its legitimate demand and the civil right without any dread.






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January 2, 2010
The Islamic regime in Iran is danger for the entire world!

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