November 4, 2009

Protest and fight on the streets in Tehran and other cities!

Report No 3:

15:00 (GMT+1)

Tehran: The students and people going from Enghelab square in direction of Sharif University. Polic, Basij militants and the so-called Civil Clothes forces trying to spread the people. But people assembling in 500 till 1000 groups and continue to protest.

There are tow topic in today’s protest; which are important. The Women are more than men on the streets, some thing we saw in earlier protests too. The second thing; it was no many report about police attacking people today! As we saw in earlier reports, there are Revolutionary Guards in uniform and civil, plus Basij militants; which attacking protesters.  

15:45 (GMT+1)

The press forces are tired, but protesters do not go home. They who have gun home for a while are going back now to the streets. Protesters want to stay on the street over night and build fire.


Report No 2:


According to the Persian Radio and live mobile phone contact with the people from streets in Tehran; security forces shouted down several people.

Eram Boulevard all forces. A person from Shiraz called Persian Radio and asked people in Shiraz to take food with them self to the streets, because people on the street do not want to go home.

 A 60 years old woman on the phone with Persian Radio: “I went out at 8 in the morning and went to the 7-tir square. There were too many security forces on the streets. They attack us and we run in to a passage. The fired teargas on us and beat us brutally. I came home now to eat some thing, and then I will go out again for evening protest.”

Qaemmaqam Farahanai street, people shouting “down with dictator” and fighting by stone against Securities forces who beating them by Nightstick.

At Vozara and Valiasr streets are the scenes of hard fighting between people and security forces. Securities forces treat so brutally that they didn’t do like this after president election, but protesters staying on the streets irresistibly.

Thousands of protesters are at CheharBaq and shouting “down with dictator”. The streets ending to CheharBaq are closed by regime; because they don’t want the protesters join together.

According to the last news from Tehran; people are sitting on the ground at 7-Tir square and shouting “from 22 Bahman til 22 Bahman”.

22 Bahman is the day in year 1979 that Islamic revolution was born. The next 22 Bahman is in about 3 month away.


Report from Iran No 1:

12:00 (11:00 GMT+1)

According to Persian Radio, there has been a big protest on Tehran streets today.

Karrubi met ten thousands of people at 7-tir square at 10 o’clock and they went down to the formally US embassy.

There are protesters on many streets.
Police fired teargas to disperse thousands of protesters without any chance. The Revolutionary Guards and Basij came to the stage and start to beat people brutally. on the streets and there were many bloody fight between people and security forces (11:10 GMT+1).

It was gun shot at 7-tir square and at least one person has been killed.

In Shiraz there is fight between security forces (11:00), people casting stone to the security forces.





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