September 18, 2009 12:40

Mass rallies in Iran 2
, September 18, 12:40

”For Freedom & Democracy”

While the authorities in Iran had warned the opposition not to stage anti-government protests during Quds (Jerusalem) Day in support of Palestinians, which the regime uses for own propaganda; several millions of people in Tehran and Hundreds of thousand of people have protests against regime today.

According to the latest news from Persian Radio in Persian language live:
During mass rallies in Tehran and other big cities.


In some area in Tehran few people are arrested.

Mr Karroubi was attacked of regime’s MEN in civil, but people supported him and shouted:  
“Karrobiye idol- breaker, crack down big idol”

10 persons were arrested of civil forces, but the observers say that police over took them and sat them free later.

The Basij is beleaguered of people at Vanak Square.

At Revolution square and Aamir Abad Street has been Contention between people and “civil forces”.

There have been contentions at several points between people and “civil forces” in Tehran. People answer with stones.

Mir Hossein Mousavi is now in house arrest.


Thousands of people demonstrate on the Streets and shouted against regime.

“Down with Russia”



Thousands of protesters are on the Streets. Some people who have wearied green clothes are arrested.

Tear gas in the air and the security forces are in Contention with people.

In Haram, (Imam Reza grave) it’s hard Contention and people answer to security forces with stones. Some are injure in Haram.



People shouting: “down with Islamic regime”

”No Lebanon, No Qaza, I Die for

“Confession & torture have no more effect”

Some demonstrators are arrested and at Taleqani Street was shouted in the air.

Fight and escape between security forces and people is still in progress in Tehran’s Streets and some big cities.





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