September 18, 2009 09:00

Mass rallies in Iran 1

TODAY AUGUST 27, 09:00

”For Freedom & Democracy”

Hundreds of thousand of people are on the street and shutting:

”No Lebanon, No Qaza, I Die fo Iran”
“Down with Russia”

Dictator Regime in Iran used this day to propaganda for “Palestine” people.

All these issues are in connect with cheating in president election.

People shutting:

“People why are sitting? Iran is become Palestine”

At this time:(08:30 Oslo) Mr Mousavi is on the Karimkhan Street among people.

Mr Karroubi is on the Revolution Street among people and going to the Revolution Square and shutting with his own megaphone. “Down with Dictator!”

Regimes men raised a picture of Hassan Nasrollah and people shutting “Down with Hassan Nasrollah”

It’s for now. It will come more news later about the other cities.
This information comes from Persian Radio in California, which is in direct contact with their people in Iran.

You can hear Persian Radio in Persian language over satellite and on the Internet, if you have translator.




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Mass rallies in Tehran 1
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