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This letter was send to LO, Norway Land Organisation and here is the reaction of LO




بازگشت به متن فارسی این مطلب

April 20, 2010

To the Honourable Leaders of Workers Parties:

Iranian workers are living under the shadow of fire, unemployment, prison, and death.

The big fraud in presidential election of Iran in June 2009 led to widespread unrests wherein the workers have been standing and supporting each other in the mass protests. Thereby, many of them have been arrested and are still in prisons under the most brutal condition.

Mansour Osanlou; one of the workers syndicate leaders from Sherkat Vahed (Tehran bus service)

Mansour Osanlou one of the workers syndicate leaders from Sherkat Vahed (Tehran bus service), was sent back again to the Solitary Confinement about 3 weeks ago. He was gone for several times under a knife attack by a prison in the open-space of jail while two watchmen were there and watching what was going on!

The attacks were arranged from intelligent service side. The prisoner who was attacked to Mansour Osanlou is Mohammed Hosseini a member of Revolution Guard (Sepah Pasdaran), who is in jail because he has killed his wife and one other person. Lately, we have been informed that he was sent to a medical centre out of prison with handcuffs and shackle. He has a severe eyes problem as well as a heart and back pain.

Abolhasan Daroshafahee, one of the blue collar workers was arrested on May 1st 2009, the Labour Day, and spent a couple of weeks in jail. He was arrested again with his wife and their two daughters on February 11th 2010, however; there is absolutely no sign or news about their condition or why they are in detention.

Because of a dramatically low-level safety in the factories in Iran, a large number of workers have lost their life in the accidents. The latest disaster occurred at Haft-Tappeh sugar factory in Ahvaz where a worker (Mansour Bashme) got one of his legs cut in a mill machine while his other leg was caught by the machine. It took 3 hours before they got him out of the machine. So, he died at his work-place due to the too much bleeding!

These kinds of injuries are not recent and the workers have been faced with these dangers over the years.

The workers of Qazvin wood-coating factory in Qazvin have not received any salary in the last 11 months! These types of situations are absolutely usual. Workers of many companies such as Iran-Sadra in Bousher, Farayand-Kav in Tabas, and Production Damco in Larestan got fired last year.  Additionally, workers of Farayand-Kave have not got paid any salary for the last 5 months!

These are just some headword of what really is going on with workers in Iran and the condition they live in. But I will attach some links (in Persian); in case you would like to inform yourself more about their conditions.

I would like with this letter to call your attention about the Iranian workers and ask for your immediate support to condemn the regime for their brutally actions against workers.

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