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Desember 29, 2010

News from: Human Rights House of Iran
26.12.2010 to 28.12.2010

Dorsa Sobhani has been sentenced to one year in prison

Dorsa Sobhani, a Baha’i citizen and a member of One Million Campaign, has been sentenced to one year in prison


1 Judge Moghayeseh, the presiding judge of Branch 28 of Tehran Islamic Revolutionary Court, has sentenced Dorsa Sobhani to one year of imprisonment. Her charges include “membership in the Baha’i sect”, “being a member of the one million signatures campaign”, “participation in Human Rights activities”, and “presentation of false documents regarding the innocence of three Baha’i prisoners in Shiraz via email”. more...

Detained Baha’i student Anisa Safarian contacted her family from the Detention Center

Anisa Safarian, expelled Baha’i student, who was detained in December, has contacted her family from the Detention Center.


1 RAHANA: Anisa Safarian, a Baha’i student at Iran University of Science and Technology in Behshar, was detained on December 20th and transferred to an unknown location.

According to RAHANA, Safarian has contacted her father and told him about her transfer to the Babolsar Prison.

The security forces entered her house in the morning and detained her after searching the house. more...

Death Sentence has been upheld for a prisoner charged with espionage

Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi commented on the cases of a number of recent arrests and detained journalists in Iran and stated that a prisoner has been sentenced to death for espionage.


RAHANA: Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi commented on the cases of a number of recent arrests and detained journalists in Iran.

Dowlatabadi maintained today that the journalists detained in connection with Shargh newspaper have been arrested on security charges adding that they “were involved in activities that are not connected with journalism.” more...

Ali Maghami arrested

A former member of the Participation front has been arrested.


1 Ali Maghami’s arrest took place during a visit with Alireza Taheri whom was released from prison.

According to RAHANA reporters, there are no further information on this former Participation front member’s whereabouts.

Ali Maghami is Emadeldin Baghi’s son in law. Last month Emadeldin Baghi was returned to Evin prison to serve his seven year sentence.

Adel Mohammad Hosseini arrested

Adel Mohammad Hosseini, a reformist and a member of Participation Front, has been arrested.


1 On Thursday, this reformist and activist’s home was raided by Security forces.

Following the raid, he received a warrant to report to appear at a court based in Evin prison, which resulted in his arrest.

Adel Mohammad Hosseini is a former member of Mousavi’s election campaign  and the reasoning for his arrest has not yet been disclosed.

Issuance of new charges against Majid Tavakoli and Bahareh Hedayat


1 This morning, Majid Tavakoli who was arrested following his speech on December 7, 2009,  in commemoration of the Student Day (16 Azar) last year was interrogated once again at Branch 4 of Evin Detention Center for publication of his notes from inside prison as well as issuance of a joint statement with Bahareh Hedayat on the Student Day anniversary...

Bahareh Hedayat, a member of the Central Council of the OCU Student Union, is in the Methadone Ward of Evin prison. She has not only been deprived of any contact with her family since her transfer to the methadone ward, but has also undergone intensive interrogations following the issuance of her joint statement with Majid Tavakoli. more...

Execution of Ali Saremi and Ali Akbar Siadat

This morning the life of two political prisoners were taken away.


1 Ali Saremi was sentenced to death by Branch 3 of Islamic Revolutionary Court on charges of propaganda against the regime, Enemy of god, and connection with MEK which are charges he never accepted.

According to his case, he was first arrested in December of 1976 and was sentenced to three years in prison, a sentence that was later on increased to 5 years.

He was arrested four times during his lifetime, last two of which were after his travels to Ashraf to visit his son. more...

One year has passed since the arrest of Arsalan Abadi and Kiarash Kamrani

Student detainees Arsalan Abadi and Kiarash Kamrani are in poor psychological condition after one year of imprisonment.


1 RAHANA:  Arsalan Abadi and Kiarash Kamrani are 2 students arrested on December 27, 2009 during the post-election Ashura protests.

According to RAHANA, the 2 students are in poor psychological condition in Ward 350 of Evin Prison.

The telephones in Ward 350 have been disconnected by the prison authorities and the detainees cannot contact their family.

Ward 350 prisoners have also been banned from prison visits. more...

Green Movement Activists Detained in Behbahan

Behbahan civil rights activists Hojjatoleslam Nokhostin and Javad Abouali are 2 civil rights activists who were detained in Behbahan and transferred to the Behbahan prison.


1 RAHANA: The 2 Mousavi supporters have been detained since 2 weeks ago. They have been charged with distributing the Kalameh newspaper and green movement CDs in Behbahan. After 2 weeks of interrogation, they have been transferred to the General Ward of Behbahan Prison. more...

Blogger Navid Mohebbi Sentenced to 3 Years of Suspended Imprisonment and Released

After being sentenced to 3 years of suspended imprisonment, blogger Navid Mohebbi was released.


1 RAHANA: During a court proceeding behind the closed doors and in the absence of his lawyer, blogger Navid Mohebbi was sentenced to 3 years of suspended imprisonment. He was released from prison on Saturday. more...

Student Activist Afshin Keshtkari Held Incommunicado

Afshin Keshtkari, the secretary of the Islamic Student Association in Shiraz University of Technology, who had been arrested on the Student Day after being summoned to the Intelligence Ministry Detention Center known as “Number 100”, is still held in detention.


1 RAHANA: After 16 days of detention, there has been no information as to his condition and the alleged charges. The Disciplinary Committee of the University has suspended him for one semester while he has been in prison. more...




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