October 16, 2010

Lebanese mothers! Have you ever heard about “Mourning Mothers” in Iran?

Have you ever heard about the Mourning Mothers of Iran, who their children have been murdered  by the regime of “Velayat Faqih”, on the streets in the middle of day and at the “Kahrizak” by the darkness of night, only for having taken part in peaceful protest?!

Mourning Mothers
Picture from Mourning Mothers website

Have you at all ever heard about Kahrizak? What about Evin prison? Nesvan division or division 209 for women at Evin? There, where the women and the Iranian mothers, sitting under brutal night interrogation, mental and physical torture, unequal presser and unbearable condition! 

If you didn't know before, so get know now; the leaders of regime that you cheering for, are responsible for killing Iranian youths and raping girls and boys in the prisons of the country and they have recently arrested four of Mourning Mothers!

The evidences of all crimes they have done are on the Internet in form of video clip, pictures, articles and video interviews. You just need to search!

Shiite Lebanese women! You haven’t well thought with yourself that the milliards of dollars from Iran that are used to build Lebanon and providing militarily equipments to Hezbollah are the heritage of Khamenei’s or Ahmadinejad's fathers!

These dollars are generated by A NATION and are their nation fund. Though there is no left because of incompetently, miss management and the gigantic larceny by the heads of Velayat Faqih regime.

Of course the Iranians are happy for Lebanese that their land getting built and people have well. But if you hadn't heard about what I told in above, I do not doubt that you have heard the name of NEDA! The girl who was killed on the street by hit mans of regime and all over the world saw it on vide clip. Have you putted once yourself in place of Neda's mother?

If you believe that the helps from Iran to Lebanese Shiite comes from Iranian nation's money and not from Khamenei’s or Ahmadinead’s pocket; than send over your protest voice to them to condemn the crimes which happen in Iran every day and to condemn the arrest of four Mourning Mothers.




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October 16, 2010
Lebanese mothers! Have you ever heard about “Mourning Mothers” in Iran?

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