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February 14, 2011

News from: Human Rights House of Iran
February 14, 2011

Continues of conflict and violence by government forces

While protesters are still (20:25 Tehran) on the streets of Tehran security forces are violently keeping them from holding any rallies.

Political Prisoners Jafar Kazemi and Mohammad Ali Haj-Aghaei Executed Conflict between protesting citizens in the streets of Tehran, particularly in Enghelab Sq, and streets leading to the Azadi Sq and street has continued and Security forces are using extreme measures to keep people from forming demonstrations.

According to Human Rights House of Iran, many citizens in different part of Tehran have been violently arrested and transferred to vans stationed for this purpose. These vans were deployed to different parts of Tehran for this soul purpose.

In many parts of Tehran these conflict led to launch of tear gas attacks from Police forces. Conflicts are often formed in places like Sadeghie, Tohid Sq, Azadi Sq, Imam Hossein Sq, Valiasr Sq, and Enghelab Sq.

Also, at this time there is a major clash at Imam Hussein Sq and security forces have resorted to violence.

Also there has been demonstrations in other cities including, Rasht, Isfahan, Shiraz which those have led to violence as well. In Isfahan and Shiraz people have used slogans such as “Allahu Akbar”, “Down with Dictator” and “Ya Hossein/ Mir Hossein” in their peaceful protests which were faced with extreme violence from plainclothes.

Arrest of 10 protesters and scattered clashes in Tehran

So far nearly 10 attendees of peaceful protests have been arrested in Tehran

Political Prisoners Jafar Kazemi and Mohammad Ali Haj-Aghaei Executed Human Rights House of Iran – RAHANA

The citizens arrested by Security forces and Revolutionary guards around Enghelab Sq have reportedly been beaten before their arrest.
According to Rahana reporters, from within Tehran scattered and at times violent clashes have formed between the people and revolutionary guards and Security Forces.

Uniformed and plainclothes security forces are severely beating people at sidewalks and streets surrounding Enghelab Sq and severely injured some citizens.

Protesters of 16 Azar, Jamalzadeh, Rudaki, Haft TIz Sq, Somaieh St, Eskandari St, and under College bridge have severely been beaten.
Rahana reporters have also reported tear gasses being shot at Revolution Sq to disperse the crowd.

Many people and protesters have joined the protests of surrounding streets Enghelab Sq and streets leading to Azadi Sq and are chanting opposition slogans.

Citizen arrested while filming at Azadi Square

Security forces and Plainclothes have violently arrested a civilian while filming at Azadi Sq

1 At the moment Special unit and Plainclothes whom have widely been stationed at Azadi Sq have violently beaten and arrested a civilian for filming the events.

According to the report of Human Rights House of Iran, this young man whom was severely beaten was transferred to one of the police vans present on scene.

It is worth noting a large group of protesters are moving towards Azadi Sq. This is while clashes between Security forces and people have intensified which has resulted in arrest of several protesters. There is no known report on the number on arrests.



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