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January 14, 2011

News from: Human Rights House of Iran
January 12 - 14, 2011

Amir Kabir University Student Foad Sojoudi-Farimani Admitted to Mental Hospital


Foad Sojoudi-Farimani, a Masters student at Amir Kabir University, who was arrested in September has been transferred to the Mehregan Mental Hospital after his release.

1 Foad Sojoudi was detained on September 13th and transferred to the IRGC run Ward 2A and was put under severe pressure in order to make false confessions.

After 45 days of solitary confinement and physical and psychological torture, he was released on a $500,000 bail and transferred to the Mehregan Mental Hospital due to the pressures he had endured during the interrogations.

He is a Masters student at Amir Kabir University and was an undergraduate student at Sharif University. He was accepted to pursue his education in biomedical engineering this year but has been deprived of continuing his education since he has been in detention.  His trial is to be held in February.

Teacher’s Union Member Rasoul Bodaghi Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison


Teacher Union Member Rasoul Bodaghi was sentenced to 6 years in prison on Monday.

1 Masoud Shafiei, his lawyer, stated that his client has been convicted of assembly and conspiracy with the intent of committing security crimes and anti-regime propaganda.

In August, it was said that Bodaghi had been sentenced to 6 years in prison and banned from civil activities for 5 years.

In September, he was put under pressure by the authorities in Rajaei Shahr Prison and was threatened to be tortured several times.

Mirza Aboutalebi Returned to Prison


Abbad Mirza Aboutalebi, the vice president of the Office for Consolidating Unity, has been transferred to Ward 350 of Evin to serve his sentence.

1 He had been arrested after the disputed elections and was released on bail in June after 56 days of solitary confinement.

Aboutalebi was also an activist for Mousavi’s Campaign during the 2009 presidential elections.

Tehran Prosecutor had recently stated that Aboutalebi will have to begin serving his sentence.

Seven Individuals Executed in Iran


Seven individuals were executed for drug related charges on Wednesday.

1 The following information contains their name and their charges:
  1. 1. Mohsen Bahrami, son of Abdollah, for possession of 1.980 grams of heroin
  2. 2. Parviz Asghari, son of Farrokh, for possession of over 6 kilograms of heroin
  3. 3. Manouchehr Najafi, son of Farman, for sale of 9 kilograms of marijuana
  4. 4. Abdolvahed Baran-Zahi, son of Mohammad, for sale of 84.5 kilograms and possession of 15.5 grams of heroin
  5. Latif Sahraei, son of Bahar, for transportation and possession of 4. 910 grams of heroin and possession of 50 kilograms of opium
  6. Khalil Tajik, son of Fazl-Ahmad, for possession of 2.55 grams of drugs
  7. Reza Ghorbani, son of Gholamreza, for sale of 200 grams of opium and sale of 200 grams of heroin during a 4 month long period and possession of 1.355 grams of heroin

The aforementioned individuals had been convicted in the Revolutionary Court in 2009 and were executed in Evin Prison.

Fate of Death Row Political Prisoner Hossein Khezri Remains Unknown


Ten days has passed since the transfer of death row political prisoner Hossein Khezri from Oroumiyeh Central Prison to an unknown location and his fate remains unknown.

1 Until January 9th, Hossein Khezri was held in Ward 12 of Oroumiyeh Prison and there is no information on his whereabouts despite the follow-ups of his family.

Since his death sentence which had been upheld in the appeals court was sent to the Sentence Enforcement Division, and the authorities had given contradictory statements to his family, there are growing concerns as to his condition. more...

Five Executed in Lorestan


Five more individuals have been executed in the city of Khorramabad located in the Province of Lorestan.

1 They were executed for drug trafficking charges and the verdict of the 1st branch of the Khorramabad Revolutionary Court had been confirmed by the Attorney General.

Execution for drug related charges has the highest rate in Iran and with the new law that is being enacted, it is expected that the number of executions will be increased.

By mid-December, over 190 executions have taken place in Iran for drug trafficking charges. The number of executions in the current month has been the highest in the past year.

Sixty four people have been hanged for drug related charges in the current month.

Organizers of “Hedda Gabler” in Iran called for questioning


The director and organizers of the play Hedda Gabler in Tehran have been summoned to the prosecutor’s office for questioning and the play has been banned.

1 Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi, Tehran prosecutor announced that the director and organizers of the play Hedda Gabler in Tehran have been summoned to the prosecutor’s office for questioning.

The prosecutor said that the organizers of the play have been called to give explanations about the theatre production of Hedda Gabler which was recently shut down amidst controversy regarding its content. more...

Sanandaj Civil Rights Activist Held Incommunicado


There is no information as to the fate of Sanandaj civil rights activist Mohammad Jian Mozafari who had been arrested by the security forces.


After his arrest, Mohammad Jian Mozafari was transferred to an undisclosed location and there is no information as to his condition.

The authorities have not disclosed anything about his whereabouts or the alleged charges despite the follow-ups of his family. He was arrested when the authorities raided the house of the father of death row prisoner Habib Latifi. Close to 20 individuals were arrested on that day. Many of them were later released. link



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