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January 08, 2011

News from: Human Rights House of Iran
Januar 7 & 8, 2011

Four Executed in Isfahan Prison


Four individuals were executed in Isfahan Prison for smuggling and distributing drugs.

1 The Isfahan Prosecutor reported that 4 individuals have been executed for smuggling and distributing drugs.

Judge Mohammadreza Habibi stated that they were charged with possession of 940 grams of crack, sale of 10 grams of crack, transportation of 9.200 kilograms of crack, possession and transportation of 775.580 kilograms of opium, and possession and transportation of 56.200 kilograms of crack.       

The Attorney General had confirmed the sentences and they were hanged after their case went through the necessary judicial proceedings.

Citizen Executed in the City of Esfarayen


A citizen was executed in Shirvan Prison on January 5th on drug trafficking charges.

1 The Esfarayen Prosecutor reported that a citizen by the name of A.A was executed.

Ahmad Erfanian added that “the individual had the history of transportation and distribution of drugs and had been sentenced to life in prison in another case which is now closed after his execution.

The Prosecutor stated that his sentence was carried out after it had gone through the necessary judicial proceedings and had been upheld on January 5, 2010.

Human Rights Activist Shiva Nazar-Ahari Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison, Exile and 74 Lashes


The 36th branch of the Tehran Court of Appeals has sentenced Shiva Nazar-Ahari to 4 years in prison, exile to Karaj Prison and 74 lashes.

1 The 36th branch of the Tehran Court of Appeals acquitted Nazar-Ahari from the charge of assembly and conspiracy against the regime and reduced the prison term to 4 years and changed her exile location from the city of Izeh to a prison in Karaj.    

She had been sentenced to 6 years in prison, 74 lashes and exile to Izeh Prison by the 26th branch of the Revolutionary Court. The case was appealed by her lawyers. more...

Case of death row political prisoner Jafar Kazemi referred to the court

Jafar Kazemi is at the verge of execution.


1 Recent reports, indicating Jafar Kazemi’s death sentences’ upheld has had his family extremely worried over the past couple of days.

Jafar Kazemi’s family had referred to various organizations such as the Revolutionary Court, Security force base, and the prosecutor to obtain information on his case whom all refused to provide at the time.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Revolutionary Court based in Evin prison has told Kazemi’s family that “Jafar Kazemi’s death sentence has been referred to the execution branch of the Revolutionary Court and is awaiting confirmation.”
Jafar Kazemi, was arrested on September 18 2009 by Intelligence ministry agents and was transferred to ward 209 of Evin prison’s solitary confinement after being brutally beaten. He was kept in solitaryconfinement for 74 days.

Contradictory news on Morteza Haji’s arrest

There has been contradictory news on the arrest of Morteza Haji, the Education Minister of the reformist government.


1 Several report sources suggest that the former Education Minister of the reformist government Morteza Haji
was arrested by security forces on the evening of 15 January, 2011 at his home,.
Several resources have reported that the news was reliable and the relatives of Mr. Hajihave confirmed it.
The source has not indicated the reason for the arrest and has only mentioned that he has been transferred to Evin Prison. more...

Two Citizens Executed in Boroujerd

Two citizens have been hanged in the city of Boroujerd on drug trafficking charges.


1 The Head of the Boroujerd Judiciary stated that “Abdollah Derafshi, son of Shahdoost and a resident of a village in Borujerd and Ardeshir Niazi, son of Bagher and a resident of the Jahanabad village, had been convicted of transportation and possession of 4 .990 kilograms of crack .

They were sentenced to death and were executed this morning at the Boroujerd Prison after the confirmation by the Head of the Judiciary. International organizations have constantly taken a stance against the execution of death sentences in the Iran.

Weekly Report on Violation of Baha’i Rights


Setting fire on Baha’i owned properties in Rafsanjan, expulsion of a Baha’i citizen from University, and the growing pressure on Omid Ghanbari’s family are among the violation of Baha’i rights in the past week.

1 The following report includes the Baha’i rights violations in the past week:

December 31, 2010

Setting Fire on Baha’i Properties in Rafsanjan

Another store which was owned by Baha’i citizens has been set on fire in the city of Rafsanjan. Previously, 8 other stores which belonged to Baha’i citizens had been set on fire by unknown individuals. more...

Mehdi Gholizadeh Aghdam Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison


Mehdi Gholizadeh Aghdam, a member of the youth branch of the Freedom Movement of Iran, has been sentenced to 6 years in prison.

1 Judge Pirabbasi has sentenced him to 6 years in prison for membership in the Freedom Movement of Iran, attempting to dishonor the Islamic Republic, participating in the Ashura protests, disrespecting the sacred, and acting against national security by assembly and conspiracy.     

He was arrested during the Ashura protests of last year and spent 65 days in the security ward of Evin Prison. more...

Three Mahabad Residents Sentenced to Prison


The Islamic Revolutionary Court in Mahabad has sentenced Hiva Pourmand, Abdolvahab Fatahi and Ghader Ghandeh, three residents of a village in Mahabad, to prison.

Majid Tavakoli Hiva Pourmand, Abdolvahab Fatahi and Ghader Ghandeh had each been sentenced to 6 years in prison for anti-regime propaganda and collaborating with illegal groups. Their sentence was reduced to 5 years in prison by the Western Azerbaijan Court of Appeals.  

They are currently serving their sentence in Mahabad Prison.



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