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Januar 02, 2011

News from: Human Rights House of Iran
31. Dec 2010 and 1. Jan 2011

190 executions in the year of 2010, from a statistical stand point

In the year of 2010, the Islamic Republic of Iran has executed 190 prisoners around the country.


1 Worldwide statistics indicates, the Islamic Republic of Iran was placed in second place in execution rate after China. Iran also remains one of few dozen countries that runs this inhumane punishment.

RAHANA Agency, has gathered the monthly statistical execution report in accordance with official sources and the court system. Accordingly, 26 executions in April, 18 in May, 40 in June, 19 in July, 21 in August, 11 in September, 24 in October, 12 in November, and 19 executions in December have been reported. more...

Continued Detention of Sajedeh Kianoush-Rad

Sajedeh Kianoush-Rad, daughter of Islamic National Front member Dr. Kianoush-Rad, is still held in Evin Prison and has not been able to visit her family.


1 RAHANA: Sajedeh Kianoush-Rad has called twice and has not been allowed to visit her family after 30 days of detention.

There are concerns as to her physical condition since she needs to be under medical care and has to rest and be under certain medication.

According to Evin Prison authorities, she is also banned from prison visits until further notice.

One year of Bahareh Hedayat’s 9.5 year prison sentence has passed

One year has passed since the arrest of student activist and Office for Consolidating Unity member Bahareh Hedayat.


1 RAHANA: Bahareh Hedayat who has served one year of her prison sentence is unlawfully held in the notorious Methadone Ward of Evin Prison.

According to RAHANA, Hedayat had gone on a hunger strike to protest the withdrawal of her prison visitation rights. Due to the requests of her family, she has ended the hunger strike temporarily until the problem with her visitation rights is resolved. She is still banned from prison visits. more...

Assets of Shirin Ebadi impounded for alleged tax evasion

One year has passed since the arrest of student activist and Office for Consolidating Unity member Bahareh Hedayat.


1 RAHANA: Iranian officials have impounded the assets of Nobel peace laureate Shirin Ebadi for tax evasion. She has also been banned from travelling abroad upon the request of the Tax Department.

They claim that she owed about $350,000 in taxes and counting the punitive damages, she has been accused of dodging 1,218,346 dollars of tax. more...

Baha’i Citizen Sholeh Taef Summoned to Serve Prison Sentence

Baha’i citizen Sholeh Taef has been summoned to the prison in order to serve her one year prison term.


1 RAHANA: Last night, the enforcement unit of the Semann Court told Sholeh Taef to refer to the court. After appearing at the court, she was informed that she has to be transferred to prison to serve her one year sentence.

According to RAHANA, the person in charge of the enforcement unit of the Semnan Court had sent her a letter earlier, stating that she had to appear at Evin Prison in Tehran on Saturday to begin serving her one year prison sentence.

Two Year Prison Sentence Upheld for Nationalist-Religious Activist Massoud Ladani

The 13th branch of the Ahvaz Court of Appeals has upheld the 2 year prison sentence for Massoud Ladani for suspecting election fraud based on the reports of the Ahvaz Intelligence Ministry.


1 RAHANA: Massoud Ladani has been sentenced to 2 years in prison for suspecting election fraud based on the reports given by the Ahvaz Intelligence Ministry.

The 13th branch of the Ahvaz Court of Appeals presided by Judge Naser Hejazian and Judge Majed Chenani, has sentenced Massoud Ladani, a Nationalist-Religious activist and a member of the Association for Cultural-Political Development of Khuzestan, to 2 years in prison. more...

Three Baha’i Citizens Detained in Oroumiyeh

Shiva Karimi, Homeyra Parvizi and Navid Morghi, 3 Baha’i residents of Oroumiyeh, were arrested on Tuesday December 28th.


RAHANA: On Tuesday December 28th, houses of 5 Baha’i citizens were raided and Shiva Karimi, Homeyra Parvizi and Navid Morghi were detained after the house search.

The pressure on Bahai citizens by the security forces has intensified in the recent weeks. Since Decmber 22nd, Mahintaj Rohani, Roya Ghanbari in Sari and Adib Hagh-Pajouh in Shiraz, have been detained after their houses were searched. Baha’i citizen of Semnan Sholeh Taef has also been summoned to begin serving her sentence. more...

Student Detainee Arash Sadeghi Transferred to Solitary Confinement

A former member of the Participation front has been arrested.


1 RAHANA: His friends in the General Ward stated that he is suffering from stomach bleeding and his heart and lung conditions have worsened due to lack of medical attention.

His heart and lung problems are related to his previous arrest and have worsened after he was beaten by the prison authorities and went on a hunger strike.

There is no information as to the reason for his transfer to solitary confinement. more...

Ebrahim Yazdi Transferred to Intelligence Ministry Safe House

Several news sources have reported that the Secretary General of the Freedom Movement of Iran Ebrahim Yazdi has been transferred to a location which is under military control.


1 RAHANA: Last Wednesday, his interrogator contacted his wife and told her that she cannot visit her every other Thursday as is the case for other Ward 209 detainees.

The interrogator told her wife that he has been transferred to a hospital and will be taken to a safe house in a military zone after that. He had told her to come to the safe house instead of Evin Prison. His wife Souran Talieh had refused to appear at such a place. more...

Long and Heavy Sentences for 4 Mashhad Political Activists


1 RAHANA: Ali Ebadi, Mehdi Jalili, Ahmad Mirzaei, and Mohammad Mirzaei are 4 political activists imprisoned in Mashhad Vakilabad Prison since a year ago. They have received heavy sentences.

According to RAHANA, Hojjatoleslam Ali Ebadi who had also been in prison during the 70s and 80s, was arrested on March 9, 2009 and has been held in the solitary confinement unit of the Mashhad Intelligence Ministry under psychological and physical pressures for 300 days. more...

Eight Executed in the Province of Qom

The Qom Prosecutor has reported that 8 drug smugglers have been executed in the Qom Province which brings the total number of executions to 215 since the beginning of the Iranian New Year in March


1 RAHANA: In an interview with the reporters, Mostafa Barzegar-Ganji stated that the 8 individuals had requested to be pardoned twice but the requests had been denied.

He added that “16 other smugglers have also been sentenced to death and their first request for pardon has been denied; if their second request is denied as well, their sentence will be carried out.” more...

Labor Activist Mansour Osanlou Transferred to Solitary Confinement

The head of the Tehran Transit Workers Union has been transferred to the solitary confinement unit of Ward 1.


1 RAHANA: On January 1st, Mansour Osanlou was suddenly transferred to Ward 1 from Ward 3.

He has been transferred to solitary confinement for participating in Ali Saremi’s commemoration. After the commemoration ceremony, threats and limitations have intensified on Ward 3 prisoners.

On Thursday, Osanlou was taken to the Intelligence unit of prison. They threatened to press new charges against him after long hours of interrogation. They prisoners of conscious were also prohibited from taking “fresh air” breaks.

Osanlou is imprisoned since 2007.

Fate of Kurdish Student Activist Unknown

Fate of Kurdish student activist Dalir Eskandari, Secretary of the Kurdish Student Union, who was arrested on December 28th in Sanandaj is unknown.


1 RAHANA: Dalir Eskandari is a Sanandaj civil rights activist who was actively involved in the Global Campaign to Save Habibollah Latifi’s Life.

He had also been accepted to a Masters program for the second consecutive year but was deprived of continuing his education. Other “starred” students (students deprived of their education rights) later wrote a letter to the Science Minister in this regard. more...



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